A Timeline of Long Distance Move

Long distance move is never easy. The tasks can pile up and there is going to be overwhelming amount of them for you to deal with. Even if you plan everything, you are going to have a lot on your plate and it could get stressful at times. In this scenario, dividing tasks in a timeline can be quite beneficial. What that timeline can be; let’s discuss.

2 months before moving day

  • You will need to create an inventory of the items you have in your home. You can divide things in 3 categories, i.e. keep, sell and donate. Make sure that you have fewer items to move with.
  • Keep the layout of new home in mind so that you will be able to know where your furniture items are going to be placed.
  • Collect important documents of all of your family members and place them in a bag. To keep them in easy access, you can buy several bags for each of your family members and then place all those bags in a bigger bag.
  • Get information about the schools in new locality. This is for the purpose of ensuring enrollment in the next day of moving in.
  • Get information about the storage options which you will be able to utilize in case you would need to put your items somewhere safe.
  • Start looking for the moving companies. Look for the companies through web searching.

One month before moving day

  • Update your address everywhere.
  • You will need to manage the utilities for the new home one month before the moving day. When you arrive in the new home, you will be able to get everything running in a day or two.
  • Start packing the items which you are going to use in the new home but you do not require them to be kept in their places in this last month.

Two – three weeks before moving day

  • Make arrangements to deal with the medical needs in the new place. You never know when you are going to need these services. So you need to contact the right medical service providers in the new place to pick the one that could work for you.
  • If you are moving out to state, you will need to update your driver’s license.
  • Start proper packing but make sure that you are not packing the items which you are not going to require in the next two weeks.

Night before moving

Although you have been packing and making arrangements for the move, it is not over yet. There are some things that you will need to do; for instance, disassembling the beds and other furniture parts, disconnecting the appliances, defrosting the refrigerator, and packing the items which you are going to need in the moving day. This bag or box is going to stay with you.

Moving day

You will need for have an overview of every corner of the house to make sure that you have packed everything. If you have moved out of the home before the arrival of movers, you must have hired someone to deal with the movers. Stay in contact with that mover. If it was the rented home, you will need to hand over the keys to the landlord. If it was the purchased home, you will need to hand over the keys to the real estate agent. Say goodbye to your neighborhood.


Author: Alfred J. Stephens

Spent several months analyzing catfish in the aftermarket. Spent two years investing in dolls in the aftermarket. Spent several years lecturing about puppets in the UK.

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